What Has Brunswick LeTip Done For Me?

What has Brunswick LeTip done for me?

  1. The group truly does make you a better public speaker.  Speaking to the group about the things that I do for a living every week gives me the practice and confidence for when I am speaking to potential prospects or customers for my business.
  2. I now have a network of individuals who are not just members of a networking group but instead are a group of friends who I trust sending the people I care about to handle just about any situation they are going through.
  3. The group is an added value to my business. When I can add more value to my customers by introducing the to professionals that they can trust with matters other than insurance, they view me as someone bigger than just the insurance guy which makes me more refersable.
  4. I have now generated enough income to cover my original expense to join the group by working with referrals and members of the group.  I also have business referrals and potential customers in my pipeline that will add additional income for me.  (I am in the GREEN for those of you who are afraid of the upfront commitment.)
  5. It’s a weekly motivator to see professionals who are looking to grow along side of me.  We are a group of business owners who show up every Wednesday morning at 7:30am because we all understand the hustle and struggle that is dedicated to running a successful business.  We also share ideas about how we can grow the group and meet new people as well as how one can increase the growth of their business.
  6. It adds exposure of my work ethic to my clients.  Majority of  my clients follow me on social media and all of them ask what the Wednesday morning LeTip posts are about.  It’s impressive in customers eyes that I put that effort into making sure my business continues to be a successful one.
  7. My skin has gotten significantly clearer since I met Danielle our skin care specialist.

Nothing beats that feeling when business knocks on your door unexpectedly!

Kyle Vito, Life & Health Insurance Member

September 14, 2016 Business Mixer Testimonial

I have been a member since May of 2013 and currently serve as the Program Director for this group.  In my first year of joining Brunswick LeTip I are earned enough “Dollars in My Pocket” to not only pay my dues for the first year but to pay my dues for a couple of more years.  In addition to the professional connections, many of us have become friends and strong colleagues.  I can say without a doubt, that being involved with LeTip has been a productive and wonderful experience for me.  I get referrals from members and also give referrals to members.  Person-to-person referral marketing is still the best way to market your business.  Even though we only meet once a week, I am constantly thinking about my LeTip family.  I can be in my office and receive a phone call on a Friday morning asking if I know someone who deals with mortgage or insurance, and I will pass my fellow members information onto these people with confidence.  I know that they will be taken care of.


LeTip allows me to have a network of professional individuals with years of experience at hand.  We meet once and week and have a speaker at each meeting.  the speaker then talks about their business no what they can offer your clients.  I feel I have receive an education each and every week.  I feel that this is so benefitcial to me in the business world.  There have been many times after a meeting where I find myself in a position to tell my clients what I learned that day.  And that is another benefit – it helps you learn to speak in front of a large group of people.


Joining LeTip has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.  Most importantly, LeTip has helped my business grow.  If you are serious about building your business, think about becoming an active in LeTip!”  If you are looking for a way to increase revenue this may be the place to do it.  but most importantly it helps you make MONEY!  And by the way, it also makes you a lot of good friends.
Michelle Russo, Title Agent

September 14, 2016 Business Mixer Testimonial